prompt 2

since i was too sore on monday to complete this, here it is now:

Monday, February 4, 2013
Tell us about your first crush.

my first real crush that wasn’t a friend but like someone i really liked, and from afar, was this really popular boy that was in my 6th grade class. everyone looked up to him–he walked with this confidence, this swagger–knowing that he was the “bu'”, as we’d say. i just thought he was so handsome. he was a bad boy, though, so i knew nothing could ever work between us, because i was more prim and proper, and he ran around with the gangs. but i just thought he was so cute–he had a dazzling smile. i remember he came to school one day with his gorgeous locks shaved–it was rumored that it was what he had to do to become a part of a gang that used to hang around at the time, and he was always wearing their colors and rags–and at first, i was appalled, but after staring at him a while, i realized he was much more handsome. 🙂 probably the start of my fascination with guys with really, really short hair. 🙂 but it seemed that his eyes stood out more, and of course, that smile. argh! he was a dream.

in 7th grade, i had moved to a different school, so i never saw my classmates from elementary that i had grown up with. i would hear, though, within the neighborhood whispers, about how he had really turned bad once he was in the gang. and that kinda turned me off. i think i saw him once, but he was very thin and looked like he was heavily into drugs, or really drunk, or something. and so, yes, nothing ever came to fruition with that one. but now i wonder, what he’s up to. i hope he had a happier ending.


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