10 post ideas

whoa. I accidently typed ’50 post ideas’ at first for the title. eesh! That would’ve made this extra difficult! I have a hard time enough just thinking up ONE idea, but 50? Ack!

Anyway, today’s assignment is to think up 10 post ideas, which will be very useful to me. There are days where I totally feel like writing, so I go ahead and pull up the “New Post” screen, and then sit there for a long time, because I just don’t know what to write. This is the reason why I rarely publish anything on this journal. I’ve been told, “Well, then, just write *that*–that you don’t know what to post.” And, funnily enough, it’s what I tell my kids when they complain to me that they don’t know what to write. However, I don’t hold myself to the same standards that I do them. 😛 So, anyway, this should be useful. I will do my map (which, again, I make my kids do, but I don’t do myself) and see if the torture I put them through really works, I mean, see what comes forth (yes, I would not do well in my own class!).

20130707-105735 AM.jpg

Okay, I admit, that was fun, because I’m the type of person that likes–NEEDS–connections, and seeing how things connect like that is good for me, and also, I’m a bit of a nerd who likes stuff like that. So here is my list.

  1. school/work. I guess that’s the most obvious. I have a LOT to write about with that, but I don’t always like to do that because it brings up memories that I’d rather forget, and I don’t want it to be read accidentally, one day. 😳
  2. love for learning. I could totally be a lifelong student, just taking classes here and there and learning new things–maybe why I love the internet so much. All the information that’s out there that one can access is exciting to me.
  3. music. I can’t do without music, so whether it’s my favorite songs to the instruments that I played, or want to learn to play, it’s an important part of my life.
  4. dance. I guess it’s kind of related. But I’ve been in some sort of dance class since I was 4, so it’s also a big part of my life. There’s a lot I could write about the competitions I’ve been in, which is something I haven’t really touched upon in my journal yet.
  5. office supplies. I’m a nerd who loves office supplies. sigh. I could do reviews on the different ones, or even a compare-type thing between brands or types. Ugh, I’m such a nerd.
  6. crafts. I love doing crafts, although I never finish them. 😳 But it’s something I like doing, and maybe it will motivate me to finish something so I can do a DIY or something.
  7. ocean. I studied marine biology in high school and college so I have an unreasonable amount of information in my brain about marine life, to the point that I bore other people with the facts I know about the different kinds of fish out on the reef. I could spread some of that out on here. hee!
  8. beach. Yes, that’s related, but I am realizing I won’t have enough to make 10! haha! Anyway, I didn’t spend a whole lot of time at the beach as a kid, because my dad hated the beach, and he was the driver, so yeah. But when I got to college, that’s where you’d find me during most of my free time. And there’s a lot of stories to tell for that. 🙂
  9. family. I actually did a whole month of family for nablopomo, but I realize it wasn’t interesting. I guess I have to delve more into the stories, the little anecdotes that make me laugh or wistful.
  10. relationships. I don’t know that they’re very interesting as there seems to be a very noticeable pattern in them that I am blind to at first. But that’s another area that I haven’t really written about, so I guess it’s another to explore. Maybe I’ll learn to break the pattern. 😉

31dbbb at yeah write



  1. […] to add] here’s a screenshot of uluwale’s mind mapping from her day seven 31dbbb post published on the grid below. Perfect […]

  2. So glad you shared your visual. It’s inspiring me to give it a try

  3. Stopping by from YeahWrite 31dbbb.

    Great job!

  4. DonettaS Said:

    Stopping by from YeahWrite 31dbbb. These ideas are wonderful. I also loved the colored pencils and blank paper to connect things. It amazed me how quickly things connected too! I love your idea about dancing, relationships, and the beach!!! Great post.

  5. katbiggie Said:

    I have a lifetime love of learning as well. It never gets old to me! Stopping by from 31dbbb.

    • malia Said:

      Yay! Yeah, if I didn’t have to pay bills, I’d totally just stay in college forever and just learn stuff. I guess that’s why I like the internet so much. 🙂

  6. Love the picture. I have to give the free association a shot, it sounds really interesting!

    • malia Said:

      Thanks! Yes, the free association really helps! Good luck!

  7. LOVE the color coding! My visual brain speaks that language. 🙂

    • malia Said:

      I know! It really helps me, too! 🙂 Plus I got to use all my colorful pens. haha!

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