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Our assignment today is to write a link post. I, again, am having a hard time trying to figure out how to start this. Do I want to do an informational post? Or a narrative? Gosh, I really do need to focus and create that elevator pitch.

I’ve read through the others on the grid to get ideas, and I was inspired by this post about a history through the books read while growing up to do something similar. After reviewing my 10 ideas post, I decided to focus in on my history told through dance, since that’s a pretty major part of my life.

When I was four, I started hula. That continued all the way until I was pregnant, some twenty-five years later, and then I dropped out. I never went back, but I long to. Many of my happy memories are tied to hula, especially the tight bond you form with hula sisters, which becomes even stronger in times of competitions.

Through elementary, every summer I would be involved in the bon dances. I would dress up in my little outfits, and follow my aunties around, copying their movements. I asked my mom for lessons after seeing a girl not that much older than me dance so gracefully around the yagura. However, we couldn’t find any classes.

Once MTV came onto the scene (back when they played music videos), my sisters and I would copy their dance moves all the time. Especially in the late ’80s, when Janet Jackson and Paula Abdul were popular, and known for their dancing. This led me to take various hip-hop dancing classes. That was always so much fun.

In high school, in addition to my hula and hip-hop classes, I also took jazzercise, which I was first introduced to when it was offered as an option for P.E. Who knew I could exercise and dance at the same time? I think this is why I absolutely love Zumba! right now. It lets me dance and lose weight! Yay!

One thing I never got to try, though I really wanted to, was to learn ballroom dancing. I really liked Dancing With the Stars, and that led me to want to learn ballroom dancing, both the fancy kind where your head is tilted at weird angles, to the spicy Latin numbers. That’s just me wanting to be sexy. heehee! But I never got up the courage to join a class. I fear I am not as limber as I once was.

Looking through all that, one can see how much dance (and music) was a part of my life, so when people see me sashay across the floor while doing my laundry or twirl around down the aisles of a store, they do not even bat an eye. 😛

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  1. I love how you explain how you decided on what to write about. Made me want to read all about it!
    Great info.

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