20131103-105352 PM.jpg

I love office supplies. it may be a condition of my job but I really do like them. my closet is stocked full, and it’s often referred to as the store. I let anyone come in and take what they need, even if I know they will never pay me back, even if I know they won’t say thank you. I just want to share my love of office supplies 🙂

I don’t need all those post-its, it’s true. but look at the colors! they’re so pretty. and no matter what subject it is, I have the color here and ready!

okay so I’m really trying to distract myself from the upcoming week. 😥 it’s the most dreaded week of the year. and I came in on the weekend to tackle the work I have to get ready for it. it just gives me so much anxiety that I won’t be able to eat or sleep much this week. :s

so I will just admire my colorful post-its. hopefully their distracting hues will takes mind off the hell this next week will be!


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