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these garlic knots are so good. they keep ’em coming at an italian restaurant that we always go to on my mom’s birthday. she always orders the eggplant parmigiana, and the kids always get some kind of alfredo with shrimp. but, gosh, these garlic knots are so yummy, we usually get full on them before our meals arrive.

we went to celebrate my mom’s birthday, a few days early. it’s usually a happy occasion. the kids all love their pasta, and the rest of us just talk about our lives and laugh. today, though, it was very … awkward. although the kids were having their fun, at the other end of the table sat me and my sister, and an empty chair. the empty chair was supposed to be for her husband. they both arrived separately, but while waiting for our table, they got into an argument, and he left, with my sister retreating to her car, on her phone. when we finally got called for a table, my other sister texted her and said we were being called in, and we all sat down. it was a good 10 minutes before my sister showed up. she sat and was very quiet. everyone asked what happened to uncle? she just replied that he went home and it was at that moment i saw that she had been crying. when the waitress came to take her drink order, she could barely look up because her eyes had tears in them. i don’t think anyone noticed but me and my oldest niece who was seated next to my sister, because she got uncomfortably quiet, too, when she’s usually quite chatty. so it was just the three of us at that end, really quiet, and an empty chair. i was feeling horrible and thus had no appetite. it hurts, you know? i’m sure not as much as it does my sister, but i don’t like seeing anyone sad. and i really like her husband. i started thinking that what if he did leave? and i started getting teary-eyed myself. i had to distract myself by playing peek-a-boo with my other little niece all the way at the other end of the table. i didn’t get to eat any of the garlic knots because of the knots already in my stomach. it was just all around uncomfortable and very awkward.

afterwards i had texted my sister to ask if everything was okay. she admitted it wasn’t, and it hadn’t been for a long time. i know she’s going through a lot–i suspected something was going on much earlier but didn’t want to confront her about it, but i guess there’s something bigger going on. at the end of this month, it would be 10 years since they tied the knot (although they’ve been together for 16). i wonder if they will make it until then, because that’s a big milestone, and hopefully it will make both of them see that maybe this is something to work on, to make it better again? i don’t know. i hope this can be resolved, but i really don’t know what to do or what the outcome will be. and it’s just eating me up inside.



  1. scrivener Said:

  2. story3girl Said:

    Sending hugs. The knots are terrible. Well, not the garlic ones.

    • malia Said:

      thanks. yes, the garlic ones are super yummy! 🙂

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