20131116-102322 PM.jpg

oh my gosh this was so frustrating. first of all, the instructions were just horrible. I couldn’t figure it out from the words and pictures and usually I’m pretty good at that. after many failed attempts I finally looked up tutorials on YouTube. then I had to redo this bracelet 4 times because I picked up the bands wrong. 😑 4 times I had to take off the whole thing and try again. even my last attempt was not up to standard but it was the best of all previous attempts so it had to do (the one pictured above was my third attempt). my niece who had asked me to do this for her wore it all of 3 minutes before taking it off and tossing it on the side. sigh.



  1. scrivener Said:

    it looks like kind of a neat device. if the material was better, could you have made something cool?

    • malia Said:

      i don’t think it was the material, honestly, because the youtube videos showed some pretty nifty things being made. it was just my incompetence that caused me to fail so many times. and the one i did complete did look pretty neat, with just one flaw. my niece thought it was cool, too, for 3 minutes. then she moved on to the next thing. :/

  2. story3girl Said:

    I wanted to get my daughter one of those loom things. Now I totally don’t, lol.

    • malia Said:

      haha! well, with practice i guess you can make something nice. it’s just frustrating at first–at least for me. stupid rubber bands. 😛 but who knows? the ones doing the youtube videos all sounded like young girls, so maybe your daughter might be a pro at it! 🙂

    • malia Said:

      now I say, go for it! 😛

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