20131117-110742 AM.jpg

it’s errand day.

after a busy, tiring, frustrating day with my sister’s kids yesterday, today i’m just all about getting things done that i’ve neglected in a while. woke up early, got a meme done, put a batch of clothes in the wash, made the rounds to the all the animals, tidied up here and there. then when the stores opened, it was to the salon (above) to get the hair cut first (to avoid the lines later on), and then to various stores to get pet food and people food. finally back at midday, where i can relax just a little while before tackling all the sewing i have to do. i want to try and finish at least half of the bunch! that may be too big of a goal, but hey, for the first time in a long time, i have the time, so i might as well get as much done as i can. luckily i’m already prepped for tomorrow, so that’s one less errand to have to do or stop for, and i can just go ahead and sew, sew, sew.

we’ll see how far i get. 😉 may get a bonus post later on this day when my frustration peaks. :S


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