Thursday, February 6, 2013
Do you have a pet? Describe your house from the perspective of your pet.

the habitat i am in is quite large although the area i’m confined to is small. it’s up high on a table, and i like to climb to the highest shelf. that way, i can see all that’s coming up. i don’t like it when things appear above me, my goodness, it makes me think it’s a hawk above coming to eat me! i know that’s not true in my habitat, but it’s just a natural born instinct.

i do have to go all the way to the bottom to get my food and water, though. sometimes the person adds treats to my food dish that i really love. i found that if i look hard at her, and put my paw up on the wire, she will give me sweets! yum! i wish she’d do that all the time, but she always tells me something, as if i could understand, but i infer it as saying i only get one a day. boo!

our new habitat is much more light and airy. the one we had previously, while there were a lot of shelves and space to run, was very dark. it helps during the day because we are nocturnal, so we could really get to sleep in there. but it just seemed so dark and dreary. it got hot in there, which is not good when you’re covered with thick fur! when you’re hot like that, you just have to lay flat, and unfortunately, that caused my fur to dread up a bit. i still have a few that my person clips every now and then, but it still weighs a lot on my fur. oh well.

the other good thing about my old habitat is that my partner and i could keep our teeth trimmed since the whole thing was made out of wood. and since we were keeping our teeth trimmed, we managed to gnaw a hole into the side of the cage. woohoo! escaping through that was so fun! my partner was scared and every time my person approached, she’d dart back in, but i’d enjoy the freedom! the other area is so much bigger for me to run in! there’s so many things to jump over and hide behind. it’s so much fun! i especially like running all the way down and going under the tall thing with the cloth. i dart under there, and my person cannot reach me at all! i can get at least a few hours peace! but after a while, she will poke at me with broomsticks, and tempt me with those sweet treats, and worse of all–she’ll shake the bath container at me! man, how i love a good bath! that always gets me to come closer, and then unfortunately, she catches me and puts me back in. aww. well my little adventure outside is always fun.

but now, our new habitat is much more open. instead of solid wood walls, we have white wires going all around. it lets the breezes in much better, so we rarely have to spread ourselves out because we’re too hot. in fact, sometimes, we huddle together to keep ourselves warm when she turns on the cooling machine. she also has this other machine pointed toward our home, going at all times, but it does nothing but move the air around. and when you can’t sweat, it doesn’t do much. but she thinks it helps. and the sound is soothing, in a way. much better than that other sucking sound from that machine that roars as she pushes it back and forth–that scares me!

our new habitat used to have fun ramps but my person took it out because she didn’t want us chewing on them. she instead put in wooden shelves which i must say taste better than the green ramps. they allow us to jump, which is what we’re built for. i think we irritate her though because with the open wires, we are able to kick more of our floor covering about. i do like the floor covering–it keeps us dry–but sometimes it just crunches all over the place, and while we are jumping, it gets kicked out a bit. cannot help.

so there are good things and bad things for my new habitat, and while it’s not as exciting as the bigger one outside, it’s our own little area. there are times that i stare out and long for the freedom of running anywhere i want. but most times, it’s nice in that it’s clean and dry and keeps us safe.


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