life event

Thursday, February 20, 2013
What life event most changed your perspective of the world?

this is so cliche, but it would be having a child. up until then i felt like such a failure–i was a woman, born to breed, yet i could not get pregnant as quickly as others, like my sister, my cousin…even parents i worked with. they just seemed to be popping them out and i couldn’t get pregnant and i really felt like such a failure as a human being. i couldn’t do the one thing i was expected to do, what i was made to do. so when it finally happened–when i finally had my baby–i just felt invincible, really. almost immortal–i felt like nothing could happen to me as long as i had someone that i needed to look after. i know now that that was silly to think that way, but that’s how i felt. i think i also looked at a perspective where it’s not only me-me-me, oh woe is me, type of attitude, but more now that i have to look out for someone else–alone, mind you–that i learned it was no longer about me. and i saw things differently. i thought about things differently. so, yeah. cliche, but the truth.


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