Tuesday, February 25, 2013
Describe your relationship with your parents. How has it changed over the years?

i was always very close to my mom. i’d try to, with my dad. i’d sit and watch baseball with him, i’d listen and watch him play air guitar, etc. but he was always working, and i was kinda scared of him, and i was just always close to my mom, who was just always there.

as a teen, my dad was my chauffeur. he drove me to hula, to work, and to school. my mom didn’t drive at the time. but she was always there for performances and such, even if she had to catch the bus to do so.

i actually got along pretty well with them all along. i mean there were times when i’d be mad at my mom (and she’d have to suffer the silent treatment from me) and there were times i would avoid my dad because he’d be mad at something (i was scared of his anger), but for the most part, we all got along really well, which is not what i could say for most of my friends, or my cousins, or even my own sister.

as i grew older, though, my relationship with my dad became strained. he left my mom for a younger woman (only a couple of years older than me), and i never really forgave him for that. i avoided him all the time, refused to attend his wedding, and wouldn’t take his calls. it was worse when i found out they were expecting a son. great, the son he always wanted. i never even visited him at the hospital when he was born. but then they lost him. and that kinda was the turning point in our relationship. i now talk to him and help him out if he needs it. i’m not friendly at all to his wife, but with my dad, it’s okay.

with my mom, it’s gotten stronger. i realize all she sacrificed for us and how worrying such a job as being a mom is, and how much she gives. being a mother made me appreciate her more, and it also allowed me to empathize with some of the things she had to deal with. she still continues to be supportive and loving. i don’t know how i’d survive without her.


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