logged on to facebook today (didn’t get to last night) and found out that one of my best best best former colleagues lost her battle with cancer yesterday afternoon. she was the sweetest person i knew. she could always make me laugh–we would tease each other constantly. my heart is so heavy right now 😦 she was only a few years older than i am. and because i have to make it all about me every time, it just makes me think how much longer i have left.

what i am so, so, so happy to see though is that how many people loved her. she is having tons of pictures posted on her page, and she is being tagged in so many posts, and all of those things are flooding my stream, but i don’t mind. i love seeing those pictures and remembering happy times. i am hitting ‘like’ on all the posts that say she was the best first grade teacher in the world, which i wholeheartedly agree with and do not feel the slightest bit of envy about. i love seeing how many other people loved her as well, posts from all over the world, from her brothers, to her former colleagues, to her current colleagues, and from parents of students, past and present. what i don’t love is that she will never see all this. 😦

condolences to your husband and family. lots of love to you, mrs. grohl 🙂 i’m going to miss you so much. ♡♡♡

gosh how my heart aches. 😥


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