my laptop had been showing signs that the battery is going. this first happened about a couple of years ago–i had a problem with my computer just highlighting random things. it turned out my battery was expanding and pushing up against the track pad, a genius told me. so the genius recommended i buy a new battery. a new $130 battery. *sigh*

so anyway fast forward a couple of years. i noticed a few months ago that my laptop was again exhibiting signs of that same battery issue–strange highlighting and not being able to click. so when i happened to be near the apple store i decided i’d better buy me a replacement battery (another $130) just in case this one goes kaput. but i got home and just kept it on the side, still using this battery as long as it would let me.

so now it’s 3 months later. my battery is on its last legs, with everything being highlighted and not being able to click. after a scary thing where my computer shut off and then could not turn back on again, even though it was plugged in, i thought, okay, that’s it. i better put in the new battery.

well, stupid me. i get the box and open it…and see that it doesn’t fit. i bought the wrong battery! argh!

so i put it back nicely into the box–luckily i hadn’t ripped it, just a tiny slit in the plastic and pushed it out, so the plastic and box and everything else was still intact. then i went to go print out the receipt they emailed me so i could go exchange it for the right size battery. that’s when i saw it said last day to return: sept 4.

what??!??! well, surely, that’s just for returns? maybe because i’m going to exchange it for the right size–i’m not asking for my money back, just the correct size–that they’ll honor it. the box is still in very, very good condition, and i never even plugged the battery in to my laptop, once i saw it was not the same size as the battery i extracted was. so i went on the website and chatted with a rep. i was told sorry, it’s past 14 days. all sales final. i pleaded, but all i want to do is exchange it? it’s not like i used it for 3 months and then now want my money back. i *just* opened it. i didn’t even plug it in; it hasn’t been used at all. but nope. sorry. rules are rules. i can try to plead my case to the manager of the store i got it from, but they don’t have to take it back since it’s been past 14 days. and who am i kidding, i’m not cute enough for them to feel sorry enough for me to exchange it. 😦


so now i have a brand new $130 battery i can’t even use unless i go buy that $2,000 laptop. 😦 and i have a laptop on its last legs until i shell out another $130 battery to get the correct one. ugh. i’m so stupid. ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh.

i was thanked for being a loyal customer. i wanted to retort back but i know it’s their policy and they’re just abiding by it. but it’s because other people take advantage. i’m not taking advantage of them or trying to rip them off. i just genuinely made a mistake and bought the wrong one and have not even opened it up until today, and even then, i couldn’t even use it. 😦 surely, they can see that i’m not trying to pull a fast one over their head to gain more money? i just want the battery that would fit my laptop. that’s all. 😦


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