racing heart

i actually woke up this morning feeling better. i went to work, and while i would stop and listen for my heartbeat every once and a while, i didn’t get the skips that i had been getting yesterday, so i was quite relieved.

until after lunch.

for some reason after lunch, the skipped beats came back, quite strong. it got so bad that i left work early to get some rest but at the same time i was starving! i had eaten my normal lunch of a can of tuna, but i was still so hungry. i thought maybe that is what is causing the palpitations–maybe it does have to do with gerd or something?

i got some food and ate it. i tried not to scarf it down. the fullness in my chest was just so palpable…kinda like i needed to burp, but nothing was coming out, it was just stuck in my chest. and of course the more i thought about it the worse it got.

when i got home, i turned off all the lights and just lay in bed for a while. my heart was racing. after having laid down for a while, i checked my blood pressure. my blood pressure was pretty good but my pulse was 101! not good!! i tried distracting myself with gilmore girls clips and watching cupcake wars but i just did not feel good. blah. my heart rate is now down to 89, but it’s still not very good. the pounds are strong and frequent.

i really don’t like this. please, whatever is causing this, make yourself be known so that i can treat this!


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