because my son scored high on the math portion of his standardized test and had no grade below a- this past quarter, he was invited to join a prep program that centered around some of the things he’s interested in. i went to the informational meeting tonight and was impressed with the program but the suspicious part of me is getting the best of me when i keep thinking yes but how? why?

i don’t know. i suppose all moms think that way? well, no, that’s not true. just worried, single moms with only one child, i think. i wasn’t the only one who was kinda anxious about it but i knew the other one who *was* expressing her concerns was also single and with only one child. that might make us extra-protective. but, at the same time, you don’t want to rob your child of fantastic opportunities. on the other hand, maybe he doesn’t want this…maybe it doesn’t interest him and he’d rather not, and it’s just me forcing my own dreams upon him. i don’t want that either. it’s difficult.

i guess i’ll just have to try. he has to be accepted, first. and we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. we may never even have to worry about it if he doesn’t get accepted, so why not wait about the worrying until we find out, either way? i guess.


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