i must not like people in authority. i can get along well with people and then they become a person in power and all of a sudden they are incredibly irritating to me. is it jealousy? or is it rebelling against authority? i have no idea. but it gets so annoying the way people act. i don’t want to have anything to do with them. ugh.

and i feel so bad. i didn’t speak up that i needed to leave and ended up leaving my son waiting for me in the dark for 1 and a half hours. 😦 i picked him up, and he was crying. because what could he do? he knows i’ve been suffering from health things, so it’s no wonder that he thought something happened to me. but then what could he do? he didn’t have the keys for home. he didn’t have his phone. what would he have done? i can just imagine all the things he was worrying about. 😦 just awful. 😦 i couldn’t stop apologizing. i’m such a bad mom. 😦


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