I don’t know. I thought I was feeling better this morning. no pounding skipped beats. I just felt normal for once. then all of a sudden a feeling of doom set in. I just kept thinking of death, but I have no idea what brought that on. It just hit me.

I had to rush off to the post office before it closed but once back I was very tired. I ate my lunch and was falling asleep. after a few quick naps all of a sudden the pounding came back, and quite frequently. I couldn’t understand what I had done. ugh.

so all night I’ve just been in bed trying to distract myself. it’s hard though! ugh.

and the other weird thing is that after some nice cool nights–it was so hot!! I’ve actually got the ac on right now late at night because poor pets were hot. what happened?? feels like I was transported back 1 month with the hot hot nights and bad skipped beats. what is going on? sigh. so weird.


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