all right. i talked about being miffed a couple of weeks ago. since i had to venture into town anyway, i thought i’d try and get it changed anyway. no harm in trying, right?

well, guess what!!! they did exchange it for me! they were like, oh, no problem. when i let them know that it has been past the 14 day period, they said it’s fine. WOW! and to top it all off, the person helping me, when finding out i am a teacher, asked me what school i worked at. then he hooked me through that school’s account, so when they exchanged my battery, i actually got a discount!!! which will be credited back to me!!! i was like WOWOWWOWOWOW seriously? here i was all this time moping around because i have this $130 brick on my desk that i can’t use, and now they actually took it back and exchanged for the right one, and on top of that, i got a discount!!!

i can’t say how much i love this store now! 😀 yay! i tweeted and fbed about it and everything!!! soooo happy they trusted me and did the exchange for my stupid mistake! YAY!!!


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