spent the day at a training and although it was very informative, it made me think about my future in my career. could i really be considered a leader? i don’t think so, but it seems like i have to step up and be one. especially since my group is pretty young and still learning the ropes. this training really forced me to see that maybe i am being selfish. i need to share more so that others can learn. it’s just that i get so irritated because all people do is copy each other. when i first started out, i didn’t copy! i had to learn on my own. and i guess i feel a sort of resentment because of that. today’s kids have it so easy, you know? they have all this information at the snap of their fingers. when i was younger one really had to rely on creativity. it’s so different now.

anyway this one focused a lot on the leadership aspect, and it got me thinking if i could be one. what’s going to happen when the current coaches at my workplace retire–will i be able to step in their shoes and lead? i don’t think i could. what i move to another workplace–could i step up and be a leader there? i don’t know. it’s something that’s really making me think this whole thing through. i kinda would like to be a leader, but i just don’t have the confidence to do that.


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