i just saw on facebook trending that they had the 19th season finale of dancing with the stars! when did that happen! i didn’t even know they were up to that high. i stopped watching for a while now, partly because, well, no tv, but mostly because i just lost interest. it was less about the dancing and more about the show. but i guess america really does want the show more than the dancing for it to continue for 19 seasons. i’d rather it be more about the dance but i guess i’m in the minority.

anyway, i saw one of the finalists was alfonso ribeiro and that for one of his dances he did the carlton dance. i remember that dance!! so i looked it up in youtube and watched him launch into the carlton dance, and it brought tears to my eyes. the audience went crazy for his dance! and he was so nice about it, like he knows it’s what people want to see him do and though he doesn’t break it out often, he did for the fans, and they went nuts! even me, who was not really a fresh prince fan, but had seen enough of the show to know about the carlton dance, got all nostalgic. it was great seeing that and i’m glad he can find humor in that and replicate it for the people who were dying to see it. most stars, once they outgrow the character they’ve played while younger, refuse to have anything to do with that character, especially if it pigeon-holed them. like jaleel white–he never overcame urkel, and he seemed so bitter about it. but alfonso said he now has embraced it and realized it was an important role to people out there, and he now feels happy he played that character. i can imagine it is frustrating, but it’s nice to see his fresh attitude on that.

the one thing i hated while watching that clip was seeing the judges. what is SHE doing there? what makes her think she can be a judge? i missed len. yes, he was a stickler, but that’s what made the dances good. he wasn’t being mean; he knows what a proper dance should look like, and he gave tips on what it should contain. but this one, who often turned her nose up at what the judges say, now is a judge? isn’t her brother competing on the show? and her brother’s best friend? yeah, that’s not fair. anyway i didn’t like seeing her as one of the judges. she’s no longer in the limelight and had to get in there, huh. blah. i’m glad i didn’t see this season if she was a judge. i’m happy for my little carlton snippet on youtube, though! 🙂 saved me from watching the whole show with her.


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