family day

spent the day at my sister’s–while she was out with her 2 oldest kids black friday shopping, i went over to help my mom watch the younger kids. my nieces are quite the character. i have one who takes after her family members–she’s always laughing at me and calling me “big fat-fat,” while pounding my tummy. she’s kinda mean. but really, that’s the type of role models she has. and it’s different because when she was young, she hated me! she refused to even look at me, refused to talk to me, and always hid behind my sister’s legs whenever i came into the room. i almost felt bad for walking into the room when she was there, because she would go from a loud, energetic little toddler, to a quiet, shy one, hiding behind my sister. she refused to come out from behind my sister’s legs if i was in the room. and if that didn’t make me feel even more like an ogre, she wouldn’t even try to walk past me. she’d just stay put, so my mom would like it when i came in while she was watching her, because then she would go from rambunctious to timid. yeah, i have that effect on kids. :/

however, she got over that, and now she always runs to greet me by pounding me on my tummy and yelling, “big fat-fat” and running away laughing. when i walk in, she points and laughs and again reiterates the “fat-fat” thing. sigh.

my other niece, though, is a bit more friendly. she’s really into video games, and she really bonded with my son, even though he thinks of her as a bother who is always following him around. but i think because of the video games, she and i get along much better than me and her sister. but, man, that girl can talk! on and on and on…sometimes i think too that it doesn’t even matter that i’m there…she’s just talking to talk, probably to herself. i mean, i contribute and all, but there are times when she’ll just keep on talking, and not wanting my input. in fact, sometimes, i’ll walk away to get a drink of water or something, and i return, and she’s still sat in the same place, still talking away, as if i had never left. seriously. she cracks me up.

but it was nice to be able to spend time with the family. my son and my mom sat near each other, with him testing out his spanish on her. i was either sitting with my talkative niece, or watching the baby, who loves to dance, so we are always grooving together. my son and i sat together, him showing me his pokédex, and then letting me play zelda on his 3ds. my mom and i enjoyed leftovers for lunch together, talking about work and watching over the girls. it was nice, with just us…something i would not have had yesterday. then later my sister came home and i got to talk a bit with my nephew. my nephew and i were so super close when he was younger, but when he got to the teen years, we kinda drifted apart. he’s now in college, and it was nice to just sit and talk with him a bit. i haven’t done that in a long, long time. my sister and i didn’t get to talk as much–usually we get into work stuff, or we bust out a game and play together, but she seemed tired after the black friday shopping, so we didn’t get to talk as much as usual. turns out she met my other sister at the mall to shop, so it’s nice to know my other sister has been around, even if i hadn’t seen her in ages, either. i still worry about her husband, though. i don’t know where he is, or what he got to do for yesterday, knowing he has no other family here. that made me kinda sad. but otherwise, it was a nice, nice day with my sister’s family and my mom. i think i need more of these in the future to keep my spirits up. or i need some little one around, preferably one that’s kind *side-eye at my niece* to just really keep me distracted from the places my mind goes to. perhaps that is what grandchildren are for. my mom delights in seeing her grandchildren, and i remember my grandma so happy to see us. they must be a worthy distraction when the rest of your life is just thinking about how the end is near. that’s why we need little kids around. i only wish i had more.


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